Rapidly find, identify, and analyze anything.

The discovery of some of the most important insights and intelligence is stalled by the need for human annotation and hand-labeling of massive amounts of data, or a lack of data to start.

With RAIC, even non-technical teams can build a detection AI from a single annotated image in under five minutes.

Microscopic view of cells

RAIC can analyze large unstructured multidimensional datasets, from normal photographs to satellite or aerial based EO imagery and SAR.

Whereas other tools require calibration for one type of object, RAIC can immediately detect objects you did not even know to look for.

Aerial view of water and land
Click and drag to reveal the elephants detected in this aerial image.

Rare Object Detection

Images of poachers are rare — so rare that automated detection is usually impossible.

That’s why we’ve partnered with National Geographic to leverage RAIC for an AI conservation platform that identifies and detects poachers and other potentially dangerous anomalies.

Through the partnership, RAIC will also be used to detect, monitor, and protect priority conservation species.

Aerial view of highway overpasses
Click and drag to reveal every car detected in this aerial image.

Transportation Monitoring

No matter how large your area of interest, or how massive your geospatial dataset, RAIC excels at finding objects of interest quickly.

Find and monitor your ships, cars, helicopters, trains, and more, all over the world with global coverage. Instruct and refine detection down to the most detailed specifics.

An aerial view of a shorefront with boats underwater
Click and drag to reveal the old coastline.

Environmental Intelligence

Whether you’re monitoring for illegal harvesting or looking to detect signs of environmental impact, RAIC enables teams to automate change detection.

Quantify your missing trees, contextualize coastline changes, or just better understand how the environmental situation in an area of interest is evolving.

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Our partners

What if training data was no longer a constraint?

What if edge cases no longer existed?

Synthetaic closes the gaps in AI image training across a number of industries, including:

Mosaic of monochromatic microscopic cells


From COVID x-rays to lymphoma, we can help fill gaps in your data and train a model that flat out works, without a HIPAA headache.
Aerial view of a distribution center along a shorefront


High-risk events are rare. That’s why we model and detect not just common occurrences, but also the rare, high-impact, edge cases.
Learn about our work with Michigan Medicine leveraging synthetic data for brain tumor classification.

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