Rapidly find, identify, and analyze literally anything with RAIC.

Feeding AI high-quality, labeled data is not practical – it's too expensive and time consuming.

What if anyone on your team could build a detection AI from a single example in minutes?

Other tools require deep and time-intensive calibration for each type of object, RAIC (Rapid Automatic Image Categorization) can immediately detect and classify anything from a single source image.

Exponentially accelerate your speed-to-value with RAIC.

use cases

AI prototyping

According to Gartner, 85% of AI projects fail.

Imagine being able to build a detection or classification model on a large, unlabeled dataset in minutes. Consider the value of being able to test an idea, iterate, fail fast, and use results to adjust all in near real time.

RAIC offers no risk, ultra-fast iteration and prototyping so you can unleash the value of AI in your ML Ops without using expensive, in-demand data scientists or ML engineers.

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Geospatial Analysis

Geospatial AI is particularly data-hungry and feeding it high-quality, labeled data is not practical - it’s too expensive and time consuming.

Imagine if you wanted to build an AI to locate any object in a major city, a state, or even a whole country. You could easily spend months and millions hand labeling data.

RAIC can find related objects in geospatial imagery from a single starting point in minutes.

Black and white satellite image of a dock

Drone-Based Monitoring

Drones are becoming ubiquitous, being used in situations from geological surveying and municipal planning to defense and search and rescue - with new use cases being unearthed every day.

Whether full motion video or processed into still images, RAIC turns your drone data into insights. Find objects and build models in minutes from a single source image and without requiring expensive and time consuming pre-labeling.

A field of wind turbines

Content Moderation

When it comes to content moderation, you’re often looking for a needle in a haystack.

Using a single source image RAIC can search and find instances that match across an entire unlabeled dataset in a matter of minutes, no matter how common or rare.

And given the sensitive nature of flagged content, using RAIC means you’ll never need to outsource labeling. You can do it all in RAIC, without using cycles from expensive, in-demand data scientists or ML engineers.

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Video Security

Security cameras are capturing terabytes of data every day via video cameras - most organizations don’t know what to do with it. RAIC can help you unlock the value in your security camera data now.

The use cases for captured video security are changing every day. RAIC will ensure you’re ready to deal with the unknown unknowns without needing to build a new, bespoke AI model.

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