Instant automated detection, for anything.

Detection in minutes without labeled data.

aerial view of buildings with bracket pop ups identifying helicopter pads
microscopic view of cells with bracket pop ups identifying cancer
A photo of cars and buses stopping for armed forces with bracket pop ups identifying weapons
aerial view of grasslands and a river with bracket pop ups identifying elephants
order from disorder

Detect what matters in minutes.

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Synthetaic’s RAIC (Rapid Automatic Image Categorization) technology rapidly and accurately finds and identifies any object of interest, even rare ones.
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With RAIC, non-technical teams can build and run AI-powered detection models in under five minutes with minimal human intervention.
any kind of data

Analyze your unique multi-dimensional data.

an aerial photo of a building and land

Geospatial Data

photos of chest x rays

Image data

photo of highway overpass with a graticle overlay over some police cars

Full motion video

say goodbye to labeling

RAIC: The new standard of intelligence.

The days of labeling data by hand over weeks, months, or even years are gone.

RAIC can analyze large unstructured multidimensional datasets, from color images to SAR, with just a few minutes of human interaction.

All it takes is a single example image for RAIC to build a fully interactive visualization. Ad-hoc label, search for desired objects, or detect anomalies in seconds, accelerating your time-to-insight.

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We work with some of the best to unlock impossible AI.

Mosaic of monocrhomatic microscopic cells with animation of lines growing out
grow data

Close the data gap

In some of the most game-changing uses of artificial intelligence, sample islands prevent high-quality predictive modeling. There isn’t enough data to train networks effectively, especially for moving images.

That's why Synthetaic provides an end-to-end AI pipeline, combining high-fidelity synthetic data with integrated modeling workflows. Launch the AI project of your dreams without the need for time-intensive data collection or expensive data troves. Even if there is limited starter data, or none at all, we provide everthing you need to unlock impossible AI applications.

Accelerate your time-to-insight.

Imagine a world in which breakthrough discoveries are commonplace. Let us help you transcend data limitations and extend AI into your most critical areas of exploration and impact.

AI together.

Make the most of your unique, multidimensional data. From trains to trees and everything in between, tell us what you want to find and we'll be in touch shortly.