We grow high-quality data that

unlocks impossible AI.

What if edge cases no longer existed? What if training data was no longer a constraint?

Synthetic data for all.

Synthetaic closes the gaps in AI training data using a novel, generative approach. We can produce high-quality training data even if there is limited or no starter data at all.

Our Story

Learn about our Founder Corey Jaskolski's award-winning work to help save the critically endangered Sumatran rhino and how this led to the idea behind Synthetaic.


Starting with little or no data, we can grow large, high-quality data sets. Transcend the data-access and data-quality issues that have limited AI's application in countless critical areas where little or no real data exists.


Synthetaic can model and detect not just common occurrences, but also the rare, high-impact, high-risk edge cases. We can model edge cases just as well as ordinary, prevalent ones.


By combining high-fidelity 3D modeling and novel generative AI with germane, integrated modeling workflows, we deliver you an end-to-end pipeline that ensures ultra high accuracy.

Model anything.

In some of the most high stakes use cases for AI, limited sample islands have prevented high-quality predictive modeling.

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Photos of illegal poachers are scarce. So too are those of late-model Toyota pickups sporting extremist insignia.

No matter what kind of bad guys you need to detect, we can provide all the training and data you need.

AI bounding box demonstrating weapon detection
Weapons detection from synthetic training sets
Synthetically generated Covid-19 X-rays



Real-time feedback for neurosurgeons in the operating room has been held back by limited image repositories of rare brain cancers.

From COVID x-rays to lymphoma, we can help fill gaps in your data and train a model that flat out works, without a HIPAA headache.

"The news stories about incredibly performing AI algorithms are only possible in data rich applications. Synthetic data democratizes AI and unlocks its full impact in all fields."
-Corey Jaskolski

#1 in Photo and Video

Most players in synthetic data focus on columnar data tuned for finance and business intelligence use cases. Synthetaic is 100% focused on synthetic image data for ultra high value domains.

Synthetaic. Grow smarter.

We close the gap between the data rich and everyone else.

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You no longer have to wait around to accumulate the data neccessary to start the AI project of your dreams. Nor is it necessary to spend a fortune acquiring a novel trove.

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