Instant automated detection,
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The way AI is supposed to work.

Exponentially accelerate your speed-to-insight.
order from disorder

Detection in minutes, without labeled data.

Synthetaic’s RAIC (Rapid Automatic Image Categorization) automates the analysis of large, unstructured datasets so you can train and deploy AI models radically faster than traditional approaches.
With RAIC, non-technical teams can build and run classification and detection models in minutes without labeled data.
any kind of data

Analyze your unique, multi-dimensional data.

an aerial photo of a building and land

Geospatial Data

field of wind turbines

Image data

photo of highway overpass with a graticle overlay over some police cars

Full motion video

say goodbye to labeling
RAIC logo in black and white

The new standard of intelligence.

The days of labeling data by hand over weeks, months, or even years are gone.

RAIC is an end-to-end AI pipeline that automates the analysis of a variety of large, unstructured datasets, from security camera footage to geospatial imagery. You can ingest, search, and categorize your data - build and train models - run inference - and integrate or access RAIC through cloud-hosted APIs.

Integrate RAIC into your current workflows today to exponentially accelerate your speed-to-insight.

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doing good

AI for Impact

Since Synthetaic’s inception in 2019, the Company’s mission has always included undertaking projects that seek to positively impact the world. It’s with this mission in mind that the AI for Impact program was born. In essence, the AI for Impact program aims to diminish the barriers to traditional AI technologies by minimizing the cost, labor, and time required to see a project through to completion. This approach is particularly important for impact-based organizations, given the limited budget and resources in which these organizations operate.
our partners

We work with some of the best to unlock impossible AI.

Save the Elephants
Michigan Medicine University of Michigan
Climate Trace
National Geographic
Mosaic of monocrhomatic microscopic cells with animation of lines growing out
get answers

AI in minutes, not months.

You don’t really want AI, you want answers. Getting them today takes months - or years - and costs millions of dollars.

What if you could get around the problem of needing massive amounts of human-labeled data? What if you could use AI to get critical insights - even when data is unstructured or sparse?

Instead of needing months of human labeling to have some base AI performance in a new situation, RAIC can get to work immediately, radically reducing the latency between data collection and actionable insights.

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Exponentially accelerate your speed-to-insight.

What if you could develop and train AI models in minutes without labeled data? Let us help you transcend data limitations and unleash the value of AI in your business today.
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